Facial Rejuvination – Jade Roller and Acupressure Massage

The jade roller and acupressure massage is a facial therapy that I usually add as an additional component of treatment in my acupuncture clinics. I initially developed this massage to use in facial enhancement acupuncture (available soon) but have also found it useful for other clinical presentations like sinusitis, headaches and skin complaints. I have also discovered that whilst it is a very effective addition clinically, it is also very relaxing and therapeutic as a stand alone treatment.

There are many acupuncture points on the face and the massage uses gentle pressure to generally relax the underlying muscles or to illicit specific effects according to the clinical indications of the selected points.

The jade rollers are used across the whole face to smooth the skin, particularly in areas where lines appear and around the eyes where we always feel the effects of fatigue in our busy often stressful lives. This part of treatment leaves the skin cool and refreshed.

The treatment is finished with a generous application of moisturiser.

JadeThe significance of Jade

Jade has held cultural significance in China for as long as history recalls. Considered equal in value to Gold but held in greater reverence it’s popular use was ornamental, in burial and for jewellery. Confucius once said “a gentleman always wears a Jade pendant” because the virtues of a gentleman could be found in the stone.

These virtues are kindness, rectitude, wisdom, bravery and purity.

One of its first medicinal uses was in opium pipes where it was believed to increase the smokers longevity, an interesting concept and unlikely to hold much court in modern day thinking.

The stone is however long held to have therapeutic qualities. It has a high level of thermal conductivity which makes it efficient at conducting the heat away from the face, and feels pleasantly cool.

The rollers are used on all areas of the face but with particularly focus on the areas where lines start to appear as we age for example the brow, eyes and labial crease. These areas also correlate with known acupuncture points which adds to the therapeutic effect.

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