Selling the Virtues of Acupuncture

Lantern Pamper Evening


One of the most significant challenges to opening the accessibility of complementary medicine is increasing the public understanding and perception of it.  If I had a penny for every person who cringed about the “needles” I wouldn’t need to work yet the reality of treatment is far from that perception.  Amongst those familiar with acupuncture, many will associate it only with musculoskeletal injuries or pain, and not the much wider application as a system of health and well being.

The UK has a much low prevalence of complementary therapy use when compared with Australia and many of our European neighbours, possibly because our mainstream medicine is free.  Sadly, this means we are missing the point.  Acupuncture and other “alternative” therapies have a valuable role in healthcare, not only as remedial options but in preventative treatment too, and there is a significant role for practitioners to raise awareness.

This blog and my social media feeds have always been intended to do that but there’s nothing quite like getting out and about to deliver the message in person.  The Lantern Pamper evening was a great opportunity to do this.  For me, the main purpose of the event was to be an information point but we also provided some acupressure and Jade roller mini treatments which were very well received. One lucky lady even won a free treatment with me in the prize draw worth £60.

I try to get out an about most months and have done a few talks for Rotary now and other local groups.  If you want me to come and speak to your group, within reasonable distance of Ely, Cambridgeshire, or to have a stand at a suitable event please let me know. I love this part of my job and am happy to be involved.

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