Acupuncture during pregnancy

pregnancyOk so recently one of my friends asked, what can acupuncture do during pregnancy? Lets start at the beginning. Lots of people want to known if Acupuncture can help you to get pregnant? Well, Celion Dion and Mariah Carey certainly think so. Both were reported to use it to help them conceive, article here

During pregnancy, the most important thing to address is the safety. Acupuncture is safe during pregnancy (see here) but it is important that your practitioner is properly qualified, using safe techniques and high clinical standards. I recommend using someone who is registered with the British Acupuncture Council. It is the largest voluntary regulatory body in the UK and is overseen by the Professional Standards Authority. The “find a practitioner’ search tool on the BAcC website will help you find someone in your area link.

Women seek acupuncture for a range of pregnancy related problems including morning sickness, muscular complaints, foetal malpresentation and during labour. Theres loads of articles and reports on the web and social media reporting good results. The scientific evidence (including how much is actually available) varies according to the condition treated and the best thing to do if you have any concerns is discuss it with your acupuncturist or check out the FAQ section of the BAcC link I posted. This contains more comprehensive information.

For me the biggest plus of acupuncture treatment during pregnancy is that it can be incredibly relaxing. Having a baby takes it out of your body and treating yourself to something that will recharge the batteries and get your feet up can only be a good thing. Being a father of four I can say quite categorically that you deserve that hour of pampering if nothing else. You may also want it after baby arrives too!

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